Challan exceed Tk.2 Lakh (VAT-6.10)

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  • Challan exceed Tk.2 Lakh (VAT-6.10)
  • All Value of more than Tk. 2 lakh from the beginning to the end of any tax period any VAT registered or listed institution will be purchased and sold in the local market through VAT 6.3 per tax information. Make a VAT 6.10 submission to the VAT office. Part A purchase information and Part B sales information.
  • There is no need to provide information through VAT 6.10 if there is a system for sending information automatically to VAT Online system via POS Software or EFD or SDC.
  • Rule 42 of the Value Added Tax and Supplementary Rules, 2016, is discussed in relation to VAT 6.10.
  • The person responsible for the VAT 6.10 must have the signature.
  • Submission of Purchase Sales Information in Sub Form of 9.1 Submission Form should be provided separately in Purchase 6.10.