Contractual Manufacturing – VAT Form 6.4

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  • With the purpose of manufacturing contractual goods, economic activity and goods manufactured shall have to be mutually transfer in form “Mushak-6.4” between the contractual certain registered persons.
  • Registered person makes supply from more than one places, invoices for contractual manufacturing with separate serial numbers issued from each place on which the name of the place, address and the serial number of the invoice shall remain included.
  • Invoice for contractual manufacturing would have to be issued minimum in (Two) copies of which the original shall have to be given to the recipient of inputs or goods manufactured and the duplicate shall have to be preserved by the registered suppliers.
  • A tax invoice has to be issued in from “Mushak-6.3” following supply of the manufactured goods to the actual owners of the goods for the concerns received or to be received against contractual manufacturing.