Contract Governance Management System

In CGMS (Contract Governance Management System), CGMS software covers government contract and tender opportunities in Australia. Contracting is an integral part of the way the Australian Government conducts business

CGMS Strategy

  • Automating the contract management process saves time.
  • How one can currently manage and track contracts.
  • In the beginning, users initiate contracts
  • Automated contract management allows users to get approval.
  • Contract finalisation process.
  • Benefits

  • An automated contract governance management system minimizes risk, improves sales cycle times, makes easy to share critical information, and helps strengthen partner and customer relationships.
  • How CGMS Works?

  • Create Contract
  • Finalise Contract
  • Manage Contract
  • Manage Panels
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Product Overview

    With an automated contract governance management system, it is easier to realize the full value of each contract. Moreover, automated contract governance management system was recently listed by Gartner as a process that, when automated, increases sales efficiency. With more time to focus on sales, fewer process errors, and less busy work surrounding the deal, you better believe your sales numbers will increase. .

    More Features

  • Detail Dashboard about a contract.
  • Create own Custom Fields.
  • Centrally store all Panel and Supplier data.
  • Standardize and control contract development.
  • Simple Contract Renewals Management.
  • Allow users to customize settings.