Shampan VAT Management

In present market, there are no existences of any modern Value Added Tax (VAT) Accounting Software in accordance to the guidelines of National Board of Revenue (NBR), Bangladesh.
Shampan VAT software is for processing your VAT through Purchase and Sales transaction of your raw materials and finish goods.

Main Features

  • Receipt of Raw Materials
  • Issuance of Raw material to Production
  • Finish Goods Receipt
  • Sales of goods/Service – চালানপত্র (মূসক-১১)
  • Treasury Deposit Update
  • Items and Category
  • Customer & Vendor Profiles
  • User security & Company Profile
  • Debit & Credit Note Adjustment
  • Inventory Management
  • Bangla and English Language Interface.
  • Reports

  • মূসক-১
  • মূসক-১১ (চালানপত্র)
  • মূসক-১২/১২ ক ( ক্রেডিট /ডেবিট নোট)
  • মূসক-১৬ (ক্রয়)
  • মূসক-১৭ (বিক্রয় হিসাব বই)
  • মূসক-১৮(চলতি হিসাব)
  • মূসক-১৯ (মূল্য সংযোজন কর দাখিল পত্র)
  • Reports (contd.)

  • Treasury Deposit
  • Inventory Stock quantity and price
  • Various types of analytical reports on monthly, quarterly and yearly in VAT, Treasury, Stock, Purchase & Sales.
  • Product Overview

    Shampan VAT software is applicable for manufacturing, Trading or Service types of organization. All kinds of price declaration (including BOM Process) features enriches the software. The Shampan VAT software is developed as per VAT Acts of National Board of Revenue(NBR) of the Government of Bangladesh. Multi-lingual in English and Bangla interface is used for easy operation.

    More Features

    Moreover, you have the advantage to know your stock balance,pricing as well as treasury reports on different date range.Software is developed by superior architecture based of Microsoft cutting edge technology.