What we Do

The Strong footage of a software company in developing custom application of business application and any third party integration together with knowledge and implementation expertise of SAGE 300 as a Business Partner since long proves our strength. We will be with you every step of the way to help you find the perfect fit. We will successfully guide you through this process.

Our Products

Shampan VAT

Shampan VAT software is for processing your VAT through Purchase and Sales transaction of your raw materials and finish goods. The Shampan VAT software is developed as per VAT Acts of National Board of Revenue(NBR) of the Government of Bangladesh.

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Sage 300 ERP

Sage 300 ERP offers ERP software to give you unprecedented flexibility to select from a robust suite of modules, comprehensive customization and scalability, and instant, seamless integration to a full set of end-to-end business management application.

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Shampan HRM and Payroll

A human resources management system ensures everyday human resources processes are manageable and easy to access. It merges human resources as a discipline and in particular its basic HR activities and processes. Shampan HRM & Payroll software is used by

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Shampan PF & GF

Shampan PF & Gratuity is integrated software to keep track on the Provident Fund Investment/Details etc. It has covered practically all the modules that a company looks for in a Provident Fund Management Software.

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Shampan TAX

TAX includes features like Employee Information, Salary Breakdown, TAX Slab by Area/Gender wise. Moreover there are reports like Monthly / Periodically TAX Statement, Monthly / Periodically TAX Return.

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Shampan FDR

FDR Accounts Manage, FDR Profit Manage, Scenario of FDR condition, Maturity list, Voucher generation, All required reports to manage FDR, Multi FDR in single bank account facility, FDR Ledger, Bank Statement Summary and Vouchers.

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Our Services

Sometimes you just need a helping hand. Tap our full spectrum of services and be benefited from our experience. Our employees strive to provide quality products and superior technical support based on the quality management system we follow. In addition to software sales and implementation, we provide software training service on VAT management software, SAGE 300 ERP, HRM, Payroll, PF & Tax software, as well as Consulting Service of Information Technology and VAT Added Tax (VAT) in corporate sectors. SYMPHONY SOFTTECH LTD is a client-centered and quality-conscious organization offers custom software development services and technical support. Our excellent development team with our accounting & business domain expert are ready to provide any custom software application development based on particular requirement of any business process. For more queries just leave a message through email or any social media.

Custom Software Development

Symphony Softtech Ltd. is a client-centered and quality-conscious organization offers custom software programming services, dedicated customer service and technical support. Our excellent development team with our accounting & business domain expert are ready

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Third Party Software Integration

We work on third party software integration with Sage 300 ERP. If you have payroll system or separate procurement management system, sales & inventory System or other application which we are capable to integrate with our Sage 300 ERP

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Value Added Tax (VAT) Consultancy Service

It has been perceive that Regulatory Compliance is mandatory function for any organisation. When this regulatory compliance related to the direct and indirect tax of this increases the revenue or reduces the cost of any company.

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Training Service

Training is essential for skill development as well as performance of the software. Sometimes, new employee recruited in the organisation as such there is training required to quickly adapt the new software application. In addition to software sales

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Business Process Service

Business process outsourcing places the ability to convey new capacities to the organization squarely in the hands of executives who have and value these capabilities. In other words, the outsourcing partner like us provides a management team that

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IT Consultancy Service

Now a day, uses of Information Technology (IT) is very fundamental need of any types and size of organisation for efficiency, productivity and overall doing work from office and remote location. It has been observed by the expert that there is huge IT

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